All words and music © Jarrod Tyler 2021

San Andreas Fault

Looking back upon it now in hindsight with a seventh glance I know…yeah I know
Technicolor 1960’s dream among the ancient ruins of a golden age
San Andreas Fault, it drugged me like a cult and here I stand, planted in the sand, with a pen in my right hand, San Andreas Fault I saw the light, in the middle of the night, the poets they were right, about San Andreas Fault
Pacific Coast the concrete jungle reaches to the sky as we get high, cars are lined up on the freeway, desert highway runs into the sky


You said you like my jeans and reading magazines and causing major scenes, you said every fool on campus would sell their soul at discount price, for a little pretty slice of you
If you want to know the truth, there are things I’d never do
But you know that I could be your hero, any time of day, any time of night, it’s alright
And I could be your zero, any time at all, you just have to call
You said you like the way I told my boss to shove that job and where to go, you said every fool in town would have left a long long time ago, but there’s something that you really ought to know, it’s best you know the truth–there’s some shit I won’t do

The Wire

I don’t know you but I know just where you’re from, yeah you were laughing with a silver laser gun, they said we were trashy but we were only having fun
Get it while I can, it’s my master plan, and Hollywood, it done me good and my heart is still made of fire, when it comes down to the wire
Don’t try to sell me a condo in the sky, don’t try to tell me a thousand reasons why, we are the last great generation
A couple thousand miles from home, I guess I’m out here all alone, I guess I’ll drive all night


You say I’m a godam mess, that I don’t do nothing for you, but you couldn’t get me off your mind when I left for California
But I ain’t the crying type and I don’t live inside a phone, perhaps you’re better off alone with your costumes and your mirror on the wall, your vintage shoes and your faith in alcohol, I’ll tell you–you never were the one I wanted
You said I cut it short cause I didn’t understand you, but baby we both know, I could never really stand you
But I’m not the prying type and I don’t live inside a phone, perhaps you’re better off alone with your faded years and your crocodile tear, your phony schemes and your premonition dreams, I’ll tell you–you never were the one I wanted
And I’m not the lying type, I call the shit the way I see it, and I’ve seen the writing on your walls, it’s ten feet tall in boxy neon letters, aside from you no one could ever love you better…I’m telling you–you never were the one I wanted
The story of my life


It was on my mind, it took me back to 1995, jet trails in the sky, back then the shit was real, you carved your name into the ferris wheel, they’d never know how you feel
And everyone I know is lost in the blue, and I feel it too, but I’m telling you…
It’s a hysterical tragedy, and I feel fine…I’ve got my unconditional strategy
Back then we all read books, spent our nights writing clever hooks, exchanging curious looks…and we stood alone and we cut our hearts on a jagged stone–didn’t sit by the phone

Amanda Jane

You said you built some castles in the sand, you said your father told you you were mad, I saw you with a six gun in your hand, but you can’t help yourself
Amanda Jane, you take cola with your gin, do you know the hole you’re in? Your foolish games…why don’t you take them down to the burning ground? Amanda Jane…
I saw walking down to the record store, you said I’m still the man you once adored, you said I always left you wanting more, but you can’t help yourself
Yeah you know, you know…that my love ain’t from a gun

Inner City Girl

I thought about you yesterday rolling down those sunny lanes…I still think about you
Those days in Santa Monica, the tide rolling on and on…shades of summer dreams
And I know that’s it’s gonna be alright, and the colors and the lights against the open sky…the city and the night…tonight
Roll down Franklin to the store, pass by green and yellow doors, sun goes down a plane goes by, where the stars dot the sky, my heart will never leave you
Yes you are…yes you are…you’re my inner city girl…you’re my angel in this world

Draw the Line

We could talk about it on a rainy Wednesday afternoon, you could read me some Celine and show me to your room, we could venerate Paris…1929…get messed up on absinthe and a cheap bottle of wine
But they don’t care for our semantics, they don’t care for anything at all, except looking fine, killing time…ain’t it a sign…it’s high time we draw the line
And everything comes so easy baby doll, in a contemporary world, and everyone’s a big star, they know they are, in a contemporary world…living in a contemporary world, living in an ordinary world
And we could talk about it in the lobby of an old hotel, we could get high in a graveyard after midnight just as well, we could see an Altman movie, make some silly prank phone calls, paint a portrait of Ken Kesey across your bedroom walls

Front Page Tragedy

You were cut from vintage magazines, you were the hippest in your hipster scene, you were the homeroom queen of 1993, you had a room near Vine and Hollywood and you said you always would, you were the girl they never really understood
And you took your place in outer space…without a trace
The neighbors gathered around in the front street, waiting for a front page tragedy, but in your heart you knew you’d always be a weekend fantasy
I saw the pictures but it’s all the same to me, and it was just another Friday night, riding shotgun in a motor bike, getting punch drunk on the pretty city lights
And you can be who you want to be…and you can see what you want to see…but baby you ain’t fooling me

Girl Like You

I saw you talking with your friends in the hall, posing like burning desire, you saw me sitting by myself in the mall, said you like playing with fire
You wore a Public Image t-shirt to prom…you spent four years in Alaska, your sister said you took a match to it all, but that I never should ask you
My friends they didn’t ask…but I know it’s true…should have my head examined messing with a girl like you…it’s just a temporary lapse of my sanity
And I found your diary in your bedroom wall, but I got bored after one page, though the articulations were on the ball, they weren’t hip to the bronze age
You said you couldn’t stay, I just let the record play, somewhere in Hollywood the angels could be here…still here

The Magic Mr. Jones

I could stay and run and hide, but that seems like suicide, I’d rather be underneath the clear blue sky, where I could be a legendary Maitre D, or a topiary devotee, it all sounds good to me
Baby you know it’s true, you can feel it in your bones – best to not forget that I’m the Magic Mr. Jones, this ain’t no coincidence, ain’t no case of sticks and stones, now you know you’re messing with, the Magic Mr. Jones
Ain’t trying to steal no Aztec sun, ain’t trying to sleep with loaded gun, ain’t trying to be a cultural phenomenon, don’t need polite and cunning socialites to cast my name in shady lights – they’re all the same to me

Las Vegas

Saw them smoking in the mirrors with silver dollars in their eyes, they wrote it all in red letters and burned it up into the sky
And that desert land is never gonna do you good, it will tear you down right to the ground, where ancient ghosts wander the endless sands, they built a town…I won’t meet you down, in Las Vegas
You couldn’t break us
With a pocket full of posies, cross your arms across your chest, count your blessings in the evening, pack the car and head out west
See the eagle he flies, across the deep blue sky, watch the time go by

A Day Like This

I can feel our great escape is drawing nearer and we’ll leave this city in the rear view mirror, let them tear it down to the bloody ground, the walls are red in such a bought and paid for town
I know where there’s a city on the water, if there’s nothing that you think you’re gonna miss…we’ll head out on a day like this
And the writing on the wall has never been clearer, I see it every time I look into the mirror, let’s put the wicked witch into a cardboard box and ship her evil ashes off to Plymouth Rock
So take a ride with me across with me across this desert land, take my word and take my hand and take a chance, we’ll build some castles in the sand, no other place that I would rather be, under the sun beside a sapphire sea, you’re the only one who really knows what it all means to me


Bludgeoned orange evening sky, it’s in your heart…it’s in your eyes, your angel eyes
And after all this time you still hold onto me. In California I tried to inform you, that those desert spirits still they speak to me…in California here I’ll be waiting for you
Jet trails spread across the sky, a million points of light in your eyes, your angel eyes
What can I really say? Can’t say I didn’t warn you.
Say that you’re going to stay in California
Pictures of yesterday…better days are waiting for you here